Sunday, March 27, 2005


I found a bunch of my old 8-bit graphics. Woot! Here's an example. I'll post more as I get this site up and running. This one was an ode to Sinistar. Such a classic.


  1. Ah! Iron Plague... this would've made such a sweet game... I still contend this would've been so great... especially when Bri_acid created that tractorbeam effect... and my phoenix animation was gonna be so lovely... sigh...

    Too bad Zax dogged us... haven't heard from ol'Fabian since he left IRC...

    Oh nostalgia... back when Leinad and Zoombapup and you and I and Bri did nothing but dream... bah...


  2. I'm not a gamer but I enjoyed your outlook and work. Quite a sweet blog you have.