Thursday, May 12, 2005

SpaceCrack: Game Concept Sketches

Ah, SpaceCrack. This is a simple multi-player game played in the spirit of Spaceward Ho. It is all played over the internet and uses a simple match making service similar to evite. Set a date, the system bugs everyone incessently to log on, and then within 3 minutes of clicking on the link you are playing against your buddies.

The goal is to get people playing quickly and to convince their friends to play. In short, a viral turn-based strategy game. I'll write up some more on the design when I get a chance. In the mean time, enjoy the pictures.

More pictures after the break.

Miscellaneous ships.

Space stations. They serve french fries and lovely malts in the lounge.

This is where the game developer union lives and works. Moving boxes...that's our business.

A world with a space elevator. Everyone needs space elevators. I have two.

Various types of ammunition

Various weapon pods you can get

Exploration of the 'white space', space with an iconic board game feel.

An alternative interface for a rogue-like varient.