Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Space Crack: Introduction

Your email box has a message. “9pm tonight. Time for some SpaceCrack. – Ray
At 8:55, the baby is asleep and you log onto the computer and double click on the SpaceCrack icon. You grin: Everyone is here, even Daniel over in Sweden. The familiar friendly jabber starts immediately. You get down to the task of taking over the universe.

Planets like giant billiard balls strewn across a solar system. Using terraforming technology and powerful worldtugs, you gather planetoids and asteroids together into an interplanetary empire. Your enlightened rule leads to a golden age of technology and economic prosperity.

Along comes the Enemy with a massive empire-busting warship the size of Mars. He slips through your defenses and plows directly into the heart of your empire at full speed.

Mayhem. Planets scatter and fragment. The combined might of Mike and Daniel’s attack force mops up your remaining ships. Bummer. Only 20 minutes have passed, the wife is still happy, and you have a grin on your face for the rest of the night.

SpaceCrack is an interstellar strategy game without all the numbers, playable in a web browser. Learn it in two minutes. Challenge your friends over email and kick their ass. Simple. Easy to learn. Playable by drunk monkeys.

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  2. You, sir, seem capable of saying the correct words, though only time will tell whether they are in fact ambulatory. I believe I have been almost infinitely clever.