Thursday, May 25, 2006

New Painting: "Manekineko - The Beckoning Cat"

Here is a new painting I did over the weekend. This is Manekineko, the beckoning cat that you often see in various Asian stores.

Here are a few of the Japanese symbols in the painting. Big kudos to Aya for being my art director on this. :-)
  • When the cat is holding up the left paw, it is beckoning people to come in.
  • When the cat is holding up the right paw, it is beckoning money. I've noticed that most of the cats I see are holding up their right paw. Hmm...
  • Both paws beckons both money and people. I love it when ancient symbolism works out so logically.
  • Red is a lucky color
  • Calico cats are lucky.
  • Turtles and cranes together are lucky
  • The hammer is a traditional festival hammer.
  • The cushion is a traditional square Japanese sitting cushion.
I painted this one primarily in Painter and Photoshop at 16" x 20" at 300 DPI. It should make a nice print.

take care