Monday, March 5, 2007

Taking a pass on GDC this year

I made a tricky choice this year. I have a 1.0 product in the mad throes of being released. I also have the other half of my wedding to complete in Tokyo. Hmm...timing, timing, timing.

So I bit my lip and made the ever pragmatic and responsible decision to not attend GDC. Oh, the partying, inspiring talks and the old friends I'm missing. Bummer. Instead, I'll be tipping back a frosty beverage in the privacy of my own home and toasting to all the fine folks in this marvelous and vibrant industry. Indies, publishers, 1st party, 3rd party, MMO devs, lunatics and dreamers, rock on. It isn't a hotel bar, but it will have to do.

Good luck and have a brew for me. There will always be next year.

PS: If folks reading happens to be at GDC, I'd love to hear the most interesting game design technique that you happened upon during your travels.

PPS: Anyone playing with Linked In? My contact is danc-at-lostgarden-dot-com. It has an experience point system! I love how they use social pressure to encourage participation. "This is how many connections normal people have."

I'm curious how you could build a game using this concept of local social networks limited by degrees of separation. Guilds sort of have this built in, but imagine a world where you start only knowing your friends and then grow your network as you grow in experience. There would need to be a good hook to get your friends to sign up in the first place. Fun stuff.