Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lostgarden Podcasts

Ryan Wiancko over at has started recording selected Lostgarden essays. If you find yourself regularly sharing a few spare moments with your tank-like Zune, why not download an essay or two? Ryan's dulcet tones reading riveting game design minutia make for a perfect panacea to downtime boredom.

Or perhaps you know a friend. You know...the sort that never reads any of the mind-boggling important links that you send him (or her) on a Friday afternoon. Now he can put a pause on his 560th listen of Ride the Lightning and instead cultivate a more soothing, perhaps even 'intellectual' pastime. Gently remind him that the world is changing and that one day very soon, perhaps Tuesday, smart people will be again valued. Ryan's site is a magical auditory pill that can reduce his BrainAge to at least 31.
So what are you waiting for? Your iTouch, so jealous of your boss's glittering iPhone, is hungry.

take care

PS: I've also added a link on the side bar named "Podcasts" in case you need to find the Ryan's site later. He's got all sorts of tasty stuff there from Jamie Fristrom and others. More keeps coming every week. Ryan's on fire!


  1. Thanks for the kind words my friend, it is truly and honor to have your insight be part of

  2. Ha! Coming up with new and imaginative ways to poke fun at your non-existant career in the poulty industry will never get old!