Friday, March 5, 2010

At GDC 2010

GDC has come once again. I'll be in San Francisco and would be happy to meet up with anyone. Just drop me an email at danc [at]

This year I'll be giving two talks, both during the prime napping hours of day.

The Convergence of Flash Games and Social Games
Wednesday (March 10, 2010) 1:45pm — 2:45pm

IGDA: Working to Death - Game Developers and the Future of Work-Life Balance
Thursday (March 11, 2010) 1:30pm — 2:30pm
With Erin Hoffman (IGDA Board Member, Quality of Life SIG cofounder, Moderator), Hank Howie (President, Blue Fang Games)

take care

PS: Steambirds is out. That means you can play it. Right now. If you like it, you owe Andy a beer.


  1. I owe you guys way more than a beer. The game is gorgeous.

  2. Where do you like to get your beer delivered? One of the few new cool turn based games ;)

  3. Quite fond of Steambirds; like how it turned out!
    Is there a finale hidden in there somewhere? I was expecting at least some sort of "A winner is you"-scene after finishing the last level, but no dice! Didn't even get a credits screen/scroll!

  4. Well, someone's definitely been playing Wings of War :-) Anyone heard of when the XBLA version is coming out of WoW btw?

  5. A play-by-email facility would be good and may work well. A slow turn-around yes, but still could be fun.

  6. Yeah, I would love a play-by-email mode. The game is great, but what I REALLY want is to try and predict what move my friend will be making.

    The AI was the weak point in my opinion, being a little too easy to predict, as well as not having any tricky moves like the 180 or 360 up their sleeves. It never really felt like a fair dog fight, more of a "how do I exploit this particular type of air craft".

    Regardless, still a fantastic game, your beer is in the mail.

  7. I've never encountered a turn-based dogfighting game that actually did the concept justice before.

    I know this isn't something you could do for this title, but: have you thought about 3d?

    Thanks for a few excellent hours, and doubtless more to follow


  8. Excellent game! Might there be an iPhone version in the works? I would pay a dollar to have that on my phone.

  9. I loved Steambirds too, and would really enjoy a 2-player option with points to buy plane/power combos at the start. Just a thought.

    So gorgeously made, such great attention to detail. The beer is ready to be delivered if you can tell me how..

  10. Great game guys, love the vintage 2d art. Can we have an adobe air version?. That would certainly make me very happy. Kudos.